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marbasthefallen's Journal

17 June 1973
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"If then we have Angels, let us be sober, as though we were in the presence of tutors;
For there are Demons present also."
St. John Chrysoston

Apparent age: When in human form appears to be a man in his forties. He is as old as time itself.
Height: just under 6' tall
Appearance: Massive humanoid lion. Blood amber wings, claws for hands, physically impressive, usually red in hue as if on fire, if not already engulfed in hellfire. If seen in human form, he's a middle aged man, short blonde hair, blue eyes and a world weary, worn look to him, like he's seen way too much.
Back Story:"And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him." Revelation 12:7-9.

Marbas was once of the Host Of Paradise, created by Ahura Mazda. His purpose was to cure all diseases and maladies. For whatever reasons which are now lost to time, Marbas sided with the Morningstar in the Battle for Heaven, and was cast out with a third of his bretheren. Quiet, contemplative and proud, Marbas accepted the consequences of his decisions and took his place in the underworld, rising to be one of the presidents of Hell, presiding over legions. Although created by the same force that created both Iblis and Lilith, he recognizes them as superiors, a little higher up on the evolutionary ladder than he.
He was content with his place for ages upon ages, until the Apocalypse. Seeing such suffereing and devestation made his question his choices and despair over what he lost in The Fall. Iblis, not caring for such dissention in the ranks, decided to remind Marbas of what despair and suffering really felt like.... and trapped him within the mortal body of Dr. Lucien Constantine when Lucien was seduced into selling his soul for the ability to heal.
Marbas allowed Lucien to use his abilites, and went into dormancy, until recently. Lilith stumvled across a very, pissed off Lucien, enticing him to fiery antics, and that got Marbas' attention. Lúgh came along a few days later, goading Lucien into a fight with the purpose of learning the name of the demon within Lucien.
Marbas woke up, no longer content with his imprisonment. Wanda, Lucien's fiance at the time, was already working on trying to free Lucien, and Marbas used that to his advantage...
using Lucien's form to rape and torture poor Wanda.
She made sure Lucien was free of him soon after that.

Iblis, was not happy with Marbas' Get Out of Jail Free scheme, and has now bound him in human form. The only way to redeem himself? Kill Dr. Lucien Constantine, the man he tried to keep alive. Which he must do soon, for now he is a father and has much to lose...

Weaknessess and strengths: Right now, being human, he's.... human. But is impervious to Fire, just a little token from Iblis to remind him of what he lost. When at full power he will be near indestructible. He truly has a weak spot for Lucien, because of what he was before he Fell, he admires Lucien and his dedication. HE is also stupid for Lilith, his paramour over the ages. Although he could have bred, he did not for Lilith could not. He also adores their only living offspring Celeste, and yes....
he loves Iblis too.

Ephemera: The scent of loss, love and the echo of time without end: Sorrorful violet and chamomile with muget, white geranium, calla lily, tea rose and the hint of autumn leaves.

Marbas' PB is Sting.

Disclaimer: This is a journal for the RPG character Marbas in the Estedue Innobis community, based on scent created by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. I own neither Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's Ephemera, nor do I own Sting. (Though I would be happily owned by him.) Marbas however, is all my creation.